The client has a closet full of old slides, negatives, and prints…

Most shops will scan the film to a modest image size and place them on DVDs. End of story.

Centric scans film with an image size big enough for a large LCD HDTV projection (50mb+ file size) and individually restores color and shadow detail. Centric will also rotate, crop, and batch rename the collection.

Options include:

  • Writing files to an external hard drive. Onsite installation and troubleshooting available.
  • Writing files to a self-contained viewing and sorting system such as a Mac Mini (with remote control). Includes setup of Adobe Lightroom® or other image organization software.
  • Lightroom training, including creation and viewing of instant slideshows.
  • Use of keywords in metadata so clients can type in name, date, location, or other meta fields and immediately retrieve requested images.
  • Systems are configured so clients can easily add more images