Local artist Moira Geoffrion was contacted by by the popular TV show Extreme Makeover to provide large giclée art reproductions for the new Extreme Makeover house in Tucson, Arizona.

Moira has been a long-time client of Centric photo and she contacted Centric to help in printing her artwork.

Centric donated:

  • Reproduction and repair services on old family photos to use on the walls of the newly built home.
  • Use of the Centric Photo lab to print newly photographed images of the family.
  • Custom framing for forty images, completed in about three days.
  • Archivally printed canvases of Moira’s artwork

It always seems to happen when big projects are on the line: Centric Photo becomes the center for collaboration between the client (in this case, Extreme Makeover), the artist, the photographer, and more. On this project, Julie Jenkins, Centric’s lead member on this project, worked directly with the artist and photographer to help reduce the load on the Extreme staff.

The Extreme Makeover Home Edition aired on ABC on March 22, 2009.