The Guided Process

If you’re new to Centric’s Inkjet / Giclée kiosk, you may want to begin by using the guided process.  Upon loading the kiosk, you’ll see an instruction/information area which directs you to “Set your image size”.  After following the instructions in the brown instruction box, click on the “>” symbol just below to be guided through the next step.  In all, you’ll be guided through the seven primary steps needed to place an order, from sizing and choosing the material on which we will be printing your artwork, to selecting proofing options and adding additional services.  At any point in the process, you may get more information about a particular step by clicking on the blue question mark next to the product or service option.  As you continue through the process, your cost estimate will be updated as shown on the right-hand side of the kiosk in the image below:

The Individual Steps
The guided process is quick and easy, but there may be times when you’ll want to move freely between the different areas of the kiosk. When trying to price an item within a pre-determined budget, for example, you may find it helpful to be able to sample a number of different substrates or services in order to see the effect on the final cost. What follows is a screen-by-screen description of the kiosk and its functions.