Turnaround: 2-3 days

A photographic duplication replacing the traditional copy negative.

  • Up to 12×18 originals
  • Includes Standard CD
  • Prints up to 12×18
  • Density adjustment and color balancing

Each photograph is scanned and analyzed for density and color balance. Originals can be up to 12×18 in size. Copyprints are printed on our Noritsu D1005 HR mini-lab at sizes up to 12×18. For larger images, see Digital Scans, or Direct Capture. Images that are framed typically do not qualify for this particular service (see Film Services, Digital Scans, or Direct Capture). Cropping is available and images are saved to a CD with no additional charge. A collage layout is also available for those who would like to keep the original size of each image without any cropping, color adjustments, or trimming. The collage is printed to fit as many different images as the 8×10 or 12×18 sheet will allow.

Additional restoration is available with our Digital Time or Digital Restoration service.

Sizes up to 5×7 – $10.00
8×10 – $12.00
11×14 – $16.00
12×18 – $25.00
Additional copies of the same picture would be charged at the digital print price.